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Do your scissors fold hair?  Do they feel gritty or have a nick in the blade?  Have you ever handed your prized pair of scissors to someone claiming to be a sharpener only to get them back worse than before they were "fixed"?  We can help.

As professional sharpeners certified in the art and science of sharpening scissors, thinners, and clipper blades we know the difference between honed and non-honed, convex and bevel, forged and cast, and many other factors that must be evaluated in order to use the appropriate technique to correctly refurbish your precision tools to the high performance operation, look, and feel that led you to choose them in the first place.

Would you take your child to an unlicensed physician or your pet to an unlicensed veterinarian?  Would you trust your car brakes to someone without an ASE certification or choose a construction contractor without a business license to make improvements to your home?   I'd wager that you answered no to most, if not all, of those questions.  You have invested hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in the tools of your trade so why would you hand them to just anybody who walks in off the street?

We are National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild members certified in sharpening scissors, thinners, and clipper blades.  We are members of the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama and are licensed to do business in the State of Alabama.  We have a vested interest in providing the best possible services to our customers.  If you're looking for a sharpener who will give your tools as much TLC as you do, give us a call at (256) 642-1497.  We'll be happy to help.

We provide sharpening for shears, scissors, knives, and clipper blades as well as clipper and dryer repair for beauty, barber, grooming, and veterinary professionals. 

Now offering on-site shear sharpening for the following areas in North Alabama by appointment:



Decatur / Hartselle

Florence / Muscle Shoals

Huntsville / Madison

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Sharpening services are available at our store location or by mail order.

Visit our store at 1414 5th Ave SE in Decatur
Mon - Thur 8am -
Fri 8am - 2pm


Our mail order service provides a great alternative for customers outside our local service area.   
Click HERE for more Mail Order information.

We are NBTSG Master Sharpeners certified in sharpening Shears, Thinners, and Clipper Blades.

Priority sharpening service is available for an additional fee when you absolutely must have it done without delay.

Call (256) 642-1497 for more information or to request an appointment.  Please leave a message if we're unable to answer as we may be sharpening.  Or email us at Info@ShearPrecisionSharpening.com.


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